West Norfolk Artists Association

Alison D'Oyley

Painter & Printmaker

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silkscreen print of a stag deer

Silkscreen Print

pen and watercolour artwork of sea holly

Sea Holly
Pen & Watercolour

print of a white plume moth

White Plume Moth
Silkscreen Print

ink drawing of seedheads

Pen & Ink

silkscreen print of an old oak tree

Old Oak
Silkscreen Print

silkscreen print of reflection

Silkscreen Print

Artist's Statement

Hand-making and a love of drawing are integral parts of Alison's practice, together with a passion for printmaking.

Inspiration is mainly taken from nature, usually plants and wildlife discovered whilst out walking. Alison's silkscreen prints feature detailed drawings, whilst linocuts are hand-burnished onto Japanese paper. Watercolour is often used to add splashes of colour to both, or combined with pen and ink drawings. Visit my website (link below) to find out more.

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Email: alison@alisondoyley.co.uk

Website: www.alisondoyley.co.uk

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