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Mark Back


Dry Dock (KL3) photograph by Mark Back

Dry Dock (KL3)

The Watcher (BAW4) photograph by Mark Back

The Watcher (BAW4)

Waiting (CR9) photograph by Mark Back

Waiting (CR9)

Follow Me (CR3) photograph by Mark Back

Follow Me (CR3)

Let There Be Light photograph by Mark Back

Let There Be Light

Artist's Statement

I've always had a love of the visual arts dating back to the 70's when I would snap away happily on my little brownie. In recent years I have become more and more obsessed with photography and in particular trying to capture some of the elusive elements (both good and bad) that represent my home town (King's Lynn) and County (Norfolk). I find a great deal of inspiration in small architectural details or strange viewpoints that can throw the seemingly ordinary and mundane into a whole new light. However, sometimes it's the majestic aspect of the landscape or the buildings and objects within it that grab my attention.

I have also been a Musician for over 20 years with several album and single releases in various bands and projects, and I currently own and run Egress UK a Record label and arts outlet.

I enjoy working with other Artists and am a very pleased to be a member of the West Norfolk Artists Association. Through Egress UK, I also hope to help and provide support, as well as engage and work with, other local artists and the artistic community in general.

For more information about me and to view a wider selection from my portfolio please visit my website www.egressuk.com/mback/index.htm

For more information about my Music and Egress UK please go to www.egressuk.com

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Email: markback@egressuk.com

Website: www.egressuk.com/mback/index.htm