All Saints Painters Exhibit in STOKE FERRY CHURCH

Patsy Hood

An Exhibition of Work

June 10th – June 25th 2017 10am-5pm daily.

Once again the All Saints Painters are holding their annual exhibition in STOKE FERRY CHURCH during the month of June  with the kind permission of their patron Mr Kit Hesketh-Harvey. This year there are some more changes to the familiar line-up.

Derek Lloyd has left us for pastures anew but we are happy to announce that new member Nigel Dickerson, will be joining Patsy Hood, Anne Wormack, Isobel

Nigel Dickerson

Nigel Dickerson

Bartholomew, Sheila O’Brien, Hilary Sherrington, Toni Arthur Hay and Frank Logan in June when we hope to have more than 100 works for show.

There is disabled access and admission is free.