CLEY 17: Connectivity

6 July to 6 August

Open daily 10am-5.30pm
Free entry
60 new works by Norfolk artists
in Cley-next-the-Sea

From the curator Marion Stuart

This year’s exhibition sees the theme of ‘Connectivity’ explored in a wide range of artistic disciplines using contemporary ways to communicate and interact with the public. Some works are performance pieces but all the works in the exhibition invite you to engage with them. As part of my vision for the exhibition I wanted to see connection to locality in much of the work, from the use of local materials and historical events, to the people who live and work in and around the village. Artworks can be seen in St Margaret’s Church, Cley, on the beach and at NWT, Cley Harnser and Made in Cley; various multi-site pieces help to draw different locations together.

Collaboration has been a key process for many of our artists who have worked with others, in some cases in large groups. In conversation they have reported that this has brought new perspectives to their practice which they would not have experienced without collaboration; it is art that has facilitated connection and conversation between artists preparing for the exhibition. The works address a wider context often looking beyond their own frames of cultural reference. Many pieces in the show reference migration and this is a welcome response to the proposal. Our world is one in which we should all strive for kinship, togetherness and connection to all of humanity and to our environment.

In a year which marks the centenary of Marcel Duchamp’s iconoclastic artwork ‘Fountain’, more commonly known as the urinal, Duchamp’s words continue to resonate in the twenty-first century and have relevance for Cley17 with regard to what art might mean for the viewer.

‘What art is, in reality, is this missing link, not the links which exist. It’s not what you see that is art; art is the gap.’
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