You missed it!

Back View
by Helen Breach

On her first attempt to be selected for the Annual exhibition of  the Institute of East Anglia Artists, Helen Breach was successful with one painting.  Helen’s painting ‘Back View’ marked a return to oil paints, a media she hasn’t used for many years.  Unfortunately, the exhibition, held at Picturecraft in Holt, has now finished (it was on from 20th – 31st October) – you’ve just missed it!

The Institute of East Anglia Artists has a completely different organisational ethos to the West Norfolk Artists. To become a member of the IEA, artists need to have work selected for IEA exhibitions on more than one occasion, from which point they can be nominated for Provisional Membership.

Provisional members then need to continue being selected for exhibitions to be offered Associate Membership.  In turn, Associate Members may be offered Full Membership.  By this rigorous selection process, the theory is that only artists of outstanding ability will be offered full membership!