Postcard Portraits

Bar-headed Goose by David Cook

This May, Nature in Art celebrates its 30th Anniversary. This first and finest award-winning museum is home to a varied and ever-changing collection of the best wildlife art; not only from Great Britain, but world-wide. WNAA member David Cook is privileged to have several of his artworks in their Permanent Collection.

Together with other artists, he’s been invited to donate an original, or two, for a fund-raising exhibition entitled ‘Postcard Portraits’. An A5 size card is provided for each artist. Like David, most will have been an Artist in Residence or associated with Nature in Art.

It’s anticipated that more than 300 Postcard Portraits will be exhibited from April 24th to June 3rd in the museum. Each anonymous original will cost £30. Purchasers will discover which they have bought at the end of the exhibition.

Great Spotted Woodpecker by David Cook

As pictured, David’s two contributions are:
i/ Bar-headed Goose, drawn in Brushpen, ink and watercolour.
ii/ Great Spotted Woodpecker, a three-layer papercut, similar to one shown in the 2017 WNAA Summer Exhibition.

David Cook will be artist in residence at Nature in Art in June.

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