What we get up to in lockdown



Norfolk Wildflowers

For some time now I have turned my ‘artistic’ attention to the wildflowers growing in our neighbourhood meadows and hedgerows.  They have become such an absorbing interest that I decided this year to attempt to grow some myself.
Having sourced the seeds online I sowed them in modules in our greenhouse in March and decided to monitor their progress by sketching them as they develop.  Here is a sample of the first two ‘sittings’ of the Common Mallow, Corncockle and Yarrow which have shown a vigorous growth rate compared to some others like flower Betony and Vipers Bugloss.

I hope to follow them through their development to bud, flower and seed head but for this they must survive planting out which is thwart with dangers from weeds, weather and pests. Also shown is the full list of plants I am attempting to grow which I have (rather uncharacteristically for me) indexed to make it easier to navigate!

Hope you are all staying safe and finding absorbing things to amuse yourselves with in these strange times.

Barbara King