Light observations, Pauline Prior-Pitt

Sometimes, as artists, whatever our style or medium it feels like a struggle to find the light. It gives life and form to our work, but we have to ask more than “where is the light coming from here?”

Pauline Prior-Pitt writes poetry which sings of her love of the Outer Hebrides…
It was no surprise to find Pauline is also an artist. As we leave summer behind and enter into winter Pauline is happy for me to share two of her poems which reflect her observations of how light changes with the seasons.

Summer Light

think of green water

no, turquoise
think of blue
more green than blue

no, more blue than green
but darker

no, deeper turquoise
emerald sapphire

think of them all

think of sand cream bays
when the tide is out
streaked with shallow pools
reflecting silver blue

no, make that milky green
though milky green is more
when the tide saunters back in
and water from the burn
mingles peat brown to violet streams

think bright green

no, brighter
a May green, like leaf buds
of rowan trees in spring
machair headlands turning
daisy white to pansy yellow
buttercup to clover pink

think all this together

Winter Light

Think mostly muted
as if seen through grey veils
Still think abundant green, duller
water-logged brown in places
moss green fringed fawn

think cinnamon and ginger
think peat brown dug deep, almost black
think grey burns, grey lochs
grey sea trailing white pray

Then think a low down sun
Think peat grass glowing crimson
on the moor

think marram glossing ochre
over pale sand against gold water

think brimming burns and lochs
holding ink blue light

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Michele Summers
Photos © Michele Summers