Si Smith: Small Drawings

A17 Si Smith

A17 Si Smith

14 October – 27 November at Porch Gallery, Left Bank Leeds

Si is the son of member Mike Smith who wrote this introduction to the exhibition.

My son, Simon, is a professional illustrator and spends much of his leisure time simply drawing, as well as his illustration work.

The attached link to my son’s exhibition is a prime example of drawing.

 My inspiration is light and weather on landscape, whereas he observes and draws the immediate world around him, even when travelling down the A17 from his car window. Needless to say, Sue, his wife, is driving! 

He will draw while on a bus travelling into the centre of Leeds. His landscapes show no weather or light, but are strong on shape and pattern, which ‘hover’ between the abstract and reality. Fleeting observations of figures and characters around him are also very much a part of his work as an illustrator.

Both he and I have vast collections of small sketch books full of drawings and fond memories of bygone happy times and the world which surrounds us. Far better than looking at any photograph? Drawing can add that extra dimension to your art.

Mike Smith