Norfolk Open Studios continues until Sunday 10 October

There are over 260 studios and schools taking part. WNAA members Esther Boehm, Helen Breach, Helga Joergens, Barbara King, David Lendrum, Michele Summers, Sue Welfare, Les Williams, Janette Williams will be opening their doors. All details, including studio opening dates, artist events and workshops as well as Preview Exhibitions, will be published at

For 16 days each year, the Award-winning Norfolk Open Studios celebrates the county’s artists and their achievements by offering them the opportunity to open their doors to the public to exhibit, sell and talk about their work. In 2020 the event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and instead we ran Norfolk Open Studios Online. However, in 2019, when the scheme was held in its original format, over 430 artists took part from over 250 studios and venues. 19 Norfolk schools also took part, celebrating the exceptional artistic talent of young people in the county.
Norfolk Open Studios has established itself as one of the largest and most successful open studios schemes in the country. It gives visitors the opportunity to see new art, meet artists, and – with many of the works on display being for sale – to buy original artworks directly from their creators.
Studios are FREE to visit, and visitors don’t need to book in advance, unless they are a large group.

At you can find a full list of artists exhibiting throughout Norfolk.

Esther Boehm

Norfolk Open Studios No 248

Ether, St. Margaret's Church, Cley 21

Ether, St. Margaret’s Church, Cley 21

2021 has been an exciting year for me exhibiting in Cley 21 and at the Raveningham Sculpture Trail. In this year’s Open Studios I will be showing elements of my installation pieces along with photos and videos of the work. Completed works are beyond the scale of my studio. These pieces use my first experiments with sound which I am very excited about and would love to share with you.
You will also see what I’m currently working on and be able to find out more about courses and workshops I offer.
Catalogues will be available at my studio during open times. 
Find out more about my studio at,, 07538 986235 or visit me in my studios during open times on Saturdays and Sundays from 10-1.


Les Williams

Norfolk Open Studios No 257

Hoping to open all 3 weekends.


Helen Breach

Norfolk Open Studios No 258

Visitors will see my studio – untidy or should that be ‘busy’, assorted work – prints, paintings, life-drawings and ceramic pieces. If the studio doesn’t appeal, the garden is looking good!!


Janette Williams

Norfolk Open Studios No 259

I’m a versatile self-taught artist who works with many mediums although my main preference would be oils and pastels.

I’m constantly developing and experimenting with new skills hence my portfolio is full of diversity and subjects. My own style ranges somewhere in the middle of realism / impressionism depending on the subject matter. I also enjoy doing hand finished and hand printed limited edition reduction linocuts as it allows me to offer original art at a reasonable price. 


Michele Summers

The Treck

The Treck

Norfolk Open Studios No 263

2 weekends 1-3 and 8-10 October.

Incoming tide Old Hunstanton

Incoming tide Old Hunstanton

I enjoy using different mediums usually with a natural theme. I go where my imagination leads me. Drawing inspiration from a love of the countryside, sea and waterways I mainly work with acrylic and resin. Recently I have been developing the use of oils.

Helga Joergens

Norfolk Open Studios No 268



Saturday 25th September to Sunday 3rd October 2021
Ringstead Village Hall, High Street, Ringstead, PE36 5JU, 10am to 5pm daily

The abstract pictures by Helga Joergens are created spontaneously and developed in the drawing or painting process. She begins by drawing lines, marks or colours to indicate a composition, and as soon as an idea evolves, she follows the direction in which it takes her. She brings into play sweeping lines in order to achieve a sense of movement, and repeated lines to create a sense of rhythm.  



She also enjoys using strong vibrant colours and applies them in many variations – for example, not only one yellow but several different tones of it – in order to create richness which makes the pictures shimmer. The titles express her feelings, thoughts and associations when she views her completed works.
She will be drawing and painting during the exhibition.

Barbara King

Norfolk Open Studios No 268

Flowering Hawksbeard. Hedgerow painting by Barbara King

Flowering Hawksbeard. Hedgerow

Saturday 25th September to Sunday 3rd October 2021
Ringstead Village Hall, High Street, Ringstead, PE36 5JU, 10am to 5pm daily

From Saturday 25th September to Sunday 3rd October I will be taking part in this year’s NOS in a group show along with two other Ringstead artists, David Lendrum, Helga Joergens, at the Ringstead Village Hall, West Norfolk, PE36 5JU. Our works are Individual yet complimentary, united in bold forms, colour and texture and should present a colourful and uplifting exhibition

I will be showing my latest work celebrating our native Norfolk wildflowers.  Found in hedgerows, waste land, kerb sides and meadows all around the village of Ringstead, these humble plants have been the focus of my attention throughout these strange times. I have studied, photographed and sketched these plants and even grown some from seed and documented their progress from seedling to flower.  For the final paintings I have used acrylic paint, enjoyed its fast-drying properties and applied it with palette knives and other mark making objects to create gestural and textural effects to give a rich and spontaneous expression of this ever rewarding, ever changing subject. Throughout the exhibition we will be working in ‘pop up’ studio spaces experimenting with ideas and creating new works.


David Lendrum

Norfolk Open Studios No 268


David Lendrum Studio 2021

Saturday 25th September to Sunday 3rd October 2021
Ringstead Village Hall, High Street, Ringstead, PE36 5JU, 10am to 5pm daily

David Lendrum’s paintings are improvisations derived from the observed world of nature filtered through his feelings and the medium he employs. An important component in his art is light, and he explores different ways it can be created through harmonies and contrasts of colour.
His art is deliberately atmospheric which allows the viewer to experience a general feeling rather than looking at a particular view.
He often uses water based acrylic paint to stain directly into the canvas, and sponges as well as brushes to achieve the effects he is looking for. He also likes to work with watercolour and soft pastel as alternative media on a smaller scale.


Sue Welfare

Norfolk Open Studios No 269

My studio and gallery space will be open every weekend of NOS and other times by appointment.
The brochure entry reads: 

‘Self Taught Artist and Printmaker, inspired by Norfolk’s varied coast and countryside, gardens, wildlife, birds, rich colours and chaos of domestic life.

The Lodge, Castle Yard
High Street 
Downham Market
PE38 9HF

Situated in yard at rear of Downham Tandoori
Turn off High St, between Downham Tandoori and the Old Wesleyan Chapel (painted blue and pretty unmissable!)
We’re the first Porch on the Right
Sadly no parking in the yard.’

I work primarily as a printmaker.