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Bird After Bird — GroundWork Gallery

Open on & until 10th SEPT.

The Red List by Jane Ivimey

The Red List
Jane Ivimey

Immediately on entering the gallery one sees the poignantly powerful Jane Ivimey piece after which the exhibition is named.  Seventy white bisque fired stoneware birds are laid on a large black surface. Their neatly folded feet, clawed or webbed, tidy their mute forms into a graded repetition and one foot holds the identity tag. Their wings are neatly folded; out of use. Some identification is restored, most movingly, by the different positions and sizes of the birds’ heads, necks and beaks, the white corpses. ‘Red-backed Shrike’, ‘Yellow Wagtail’, ‘Roseate Tern’. This is The Red List. All are endangered, all avian inhabitants of and migrants to Britain. Ivimey’s work is at once a poetic tribute to their beauty and a shocking reminder of our real and pending loss of them.

Rauschenberg — Absolutely Inspiring

Robert Rauschenberg (1925-2008) is an artist who has been a motivational figure for me since I studied Fine Arts. What he did was ground breaking. It was inspirational. Now, having been lucky enough to have seen his retrospective at the Tate Modern, I see that his work was far more extensive and far reaching than I remember. What is striking is the curiosity, imagination and variety of his endless experiments — his sense of humour — his outlook on life and art.

David Hockney

Going up Garrowby Hill

Tate Britain
9th February – 29th May 2017

Helen and I set off for a day in London combining a meet up with friends for lunch and finishing up at Tate Britain for the new David Hockney: 60 Years of Work.

Two Christmas Treats

Margaret Mann and Stephen Martyn get up close to Salvador Dali

On Christmas Eve we got off a coach in the seaside town of Cadaquez, beside a statue of none other than one of Catalonia’s most famous sons, Salvador Dali. A twenty-minute walk later, through the back streets, having followed signs with a curly moustache to Casa Dali, we arrived in the pretty fishing village of Portlligat. Down by the seashore were several white cottages, one of which had been Dali and his wife Gala’s home.

Visit to Le Musee Bonnard

Le Cannet – South of France – Autumn 2016

Pierre Bonnard 1867 – 1947 – Post Impressionist and founder of the avant-garde group of artists known as Les Nabis.

When I visit my daughter Tracey, who lives in Bar sur Loup, near Grasse in the South of France, if I am very lucky, we will go to see an exhibition at one of the many musees in the area.