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Street Art Berlin

Provocative, confusing, intriguing, the street art in Berlin is impossible to ignore. Berlin is the capital of Germany but maybe also the street art capital of the western world.

Any blank wall is soon covered. However much of it is graffiti, tolerated but not widely admired.

David Cook on Chromacolour

Mallard Portrait by David Cook. Actual size is 3″ x 3″.

On Tuesday 12 February at Knights Hill, David Cook, one of our professional artists, gave a really informative and interesting talk to around 20 members of the Association. There were so many members talking to him and asking questions afterwards I was worried he was not going to be able to get away home!

Shakespeare in Love with St George’s Guildhall King’s Lynn?

Interior or St. George's Guildhall, the oldest working theatre in the UK.

Interior or St. George’s Guildhall, the oldest working theatre in the UK, during Public Meeting of Shakespeare’s Guildhall Trust.

Is it true that Shakespeare, himself,  graced the stage of St. George’s Guildhall Theatre in 1592? Hard to believe when looking at this Grade I listed building in need of much love, care and renovation. But yes, it is true!

Framing Works on Paper –
Tips about Processes and Materials

Table of Contents | Download PDF

By Helga Joergens, Ringstead 2019             

Principles of Mounting and Framing Artworks on Paper

This text is based on the talk I gave to artists of the West Norfolk Artists Association in October 2018. It contains information and tips about the materials and processes involved in mounting and framing works of art on paper in a way that follows three principles:

Groundbreaking Sculpture

Fisheater, Lynn Chadwick, 1951

Figure Totem Beast: Sculpture in Britain in the 1950s is the name of a current exhibition at Tate Britain. It is noteworthy because the sculptures were made in the time after the Second World War where a growing optimism of a more humane society was contrasted with the fears of nuclear development in the Cold War. These opposing elements are explored through pieces in isolation, with couples or in groups. The pieces are dynamic and full of energy.