Barbara King Exhibition

Me working on one of the paintings NORFOLK HEDGEROWS

Paintings of Wild Flowers by Barbara King at the Creake Abbey Café
14th April to 12th September 2021
At last! One year late almost to the day, my exhibition climbed onto the walls at the Creake Abbey Café, North Creake. ( had spent the preceding months planning a layout which would create a bright, colourful and uplifting display, and working on the paintings some of which had to be large enough to take on that enormous south wall where they are hung way up high.

North Norfolk Open Studios

Pauline Wrighton and Alison D’Oyley

29th May -6th June

WNAA members’ Pauline Wrighton and Alison D’Oyley are taking part in the upcoming North Norfolk Open Studios starting end of May Bank Holiday weekend. Part of the Fakenham Area Art Trail, both artists live and work in Hindolveston.

Solvents and Solutions

When I was studying at university, it was a time when health and safety was just beginning to be a big deal. We did wear our Mickey Mouse ears when using power tools and respirators when working with resins and solvents. However, this practice wasn’t generally carried out when one wasn’t working.

Janette Williams


12-17 APRIL 2021, West Acre Gallery

My first solo exhibition will take place at West Acre gallery 12th – 17th April 2021.

This week-long showcase will include a diverse portfolio of my oil paintings, pastel works and linocuts.

WNAA Art Blog post

I am currently working on a self-initiated project to illustrate a book about King’s Lynn. It is a fascination town with much history. I felt inspired to create this project whilst invigilating at our summer exhibition in St Nicholas’ Chapel. One of the church staff was giving a guided tour about the church and was enthusiastically talking about the church’s history. This gave me the idea to create a book about the history of the town. I then spent many trips to King’s Lynn sketching around the town and taking photographs. Fortunately, when the first lock down happened, I already had a large buy tramadol no prescription number of images to be working from and have been able to continue since. I have so far created 10 drawings out of a list of 55 that keeps on growing as I discover more and more buildings to add!

My Studio!

During these difficult times I don’t think it is exaggerating to describe my studio as a life saver. I am able to walk to it every day, if I want to, and I take a flask of coffee and biscuit, and it brings me great joy and happiness to be able to create various pieces of artwork and keep myself busy.

Why Don’t Artists Draw Anymore?

In the past many of my early mentors would deride the work of illustrators and graphic designers as ‘not real artists ‘. They were so wrong.
The art of illustration demands many creative skills. Not only in the handling of materials to produce an acceptable result for a paying client, but also it requires an imagination and storytelling ability which goes way beyond the mere copying of a subject, as so many artists tend to do.