Cat and Robin Layered Papercut

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I was asked how I did the cat and robin layered papercut.
For this article I have simplified the stages, number of layers and individual pieces used.
From a master drawing, on A4 (60gm) tracing paper I traced guidelines to create a 10” x 7” image (inclusive of 1/2” bleed all around) to be cut down to a 9” x 6” finished image.

Musings of an Amateur Artist

Debbie 60th birthday Oil on board.

Debbie 60th birthday Oil on board.

I paint because I enjoy it – not because I’m good at it.

This title was paraphrased from a T-shirt I saw about playing a guitar, which I also happen to do with a fairly amateur level of competence. So, I thought the sentiment was particularly relevant to me and my painting.


Thinking Deeply, Andrew Schumann

Thinking Deeply

I have been thinking about an ‘abstract’ image for the next online show and have made a choice.

Last Tuesday evening I was sitting out on our terrace, with my back facing west towards the setting sun and looking towards the east. 


Unlike most members I am not trying to make painterly representations
of the world around us.

I seek to present visual references to what I call InterActions between the physical world and our emotional responses – to curves, volumes and colour masses, hills, holes and hollows – stroking the senses of touch and feeling.  

What we get up to in lockdown



Norfolk Wildflowers

For some time now I have turned my ‘artistic’ attention to the wildflowers growing in our neighbourhood meadows and hedgerows.  They have become such an absorbing interest that I decided this year to attempt to grow some myself.
Having sourced the seeds online I sowed them in modules in our greenhouse in March and decided to monitor their progress by sketching them as they develop.

Art, Skye and The Outer Hebrides

If you are looking for a place where you can relax in the sun with a glass of chilled white wine in hand then sadly, I cannot recommend you follow in our footsteps.
However, if horizontal wind and rain, interspersed with sun, amazing scenery, some glorious sunsets, and a dram of whisky are your thing, onwards to Skye and the Outer Hebrides. We were touring during September in our campervan.