Frank Bowling Exhibition at Tate Britain

Wafting, 2018

Wafting, 2018

On Saturday 17th of August my wife and I visited the wonderful retrospective exhibition of Frank Bowling’s work. Although he has been painting for sixty years this is his first retrospective. Despite much early success I did not discover Bowling till the early eighties therefore his early figurative work was new to me and I have to say that I do not find this work nearly so interesting as his abstract work which really started when he moved to New York in the mid- sixties. One aspect of this early work which did intrigue me was his use of stencils made from photos of his mother’s variety emporium in his home town.

Isles of Scilly

As you may have seen on the WNAA Facebook page Helen and I have been in the Isles of Scilly for a weeks R&R. I can recommend the islands as being a very interesting place to visit. We hadn’t been before, but you do need to be reasonably fit as walking is the only entertainment, but certainly very special. The Tresco island is the most interesting with lots of sea history and the gardens built on the side of a hill are splendid with plants and flora from around the world.


Image by Mary Thatcher

A brilliant, mixed media exhibition by thirty-five artists from across East Anglia.

Exhibition open: 10am – 4pm, Monday-Saturday from Saturday 28 September – Saturday 12 October.

Admission is free.
Everyone is welcome.
Greyfriars Art Space, 43 St James Street, King’s Lynn, PE30 5BZ


left: Bridget Heriz The Great Mother with Manchild,
right: Kate Giles Now I

Port-2-Port is a pair of connected art exhibitions that forge new cultural links
between what were once two great ports. In medieval times the two port towns
of Great Yarmouth and King’s Lynn were major players in English seaborne
trade, the former broadly facing the Low Countries and also focused on fishing,
the latter facing the Hanseatic League ports in the Baltic and with onward trade
routes inland.

Heritage Open Day at the Fermoy Gallery

‘come into the garden’ with Lesley Williams

Several of our members spent the day at the Fermoy Gallery on Heritage Day demonstrating and engaging visitors in various activities. 670 people came through! We were there partly to flag up West Norfolk Artists Association, to help get the gallery space noticed and of course to encourage participation in the arts. We had a mini exhibition as well showing work by those who were involved.


Interview with Esther Boehm

I used to draw and paint as a child, my father bought me painting by numbers and although I found the images very strange with their patches of paint, I loved the process and the little pots of colour; I also loved magic painting books though I longed for them to have stronger colours. Throughout my childhood, I was enchanted by illustrations from children’s books, (especially fairy tales and Mabel Lucie Atwell drawings ) and comics.