Lois Williams

Textiles, Quilts

My work explores my interests in colour and pattern. I enjoy piecing together fabrics that complement each other in interesting ways, to create new pieces that are playful and warmly emotional. Mostly I make quilts and panels, along with occasional excursions into household memorabilia such as cosies and aprons that feature vintage fabrics.

My interest in textiles goes back to childhood and to the hoard of remnants that the women in my family kept as part of the household. The idea that one could open a drawer and discover a world of beautiful patterns and textures inspired me to collect fabrics as I grew up. Later, when I studied art and needlework, I realised that textiles are also a visual social history, and that in working with textiles as a quilter Iím also piecing together a work that spans many generations of influence and design.

I love working by hand and I sew by hand wherever possible. My quilts are hand-pieced, seamed on a small sewing machine, and hand-quilted or hand-tied. For small panels Iíll sew the seams by hand too, so that the entire object is hand built. Some of my work is highly finished whereas other pieces include rough work such as tacking stitches, selvages, and printersí marks as part of the design. In all my work, I like to make the backs of my pieces as memorable in a plain way as are the fronts decorative.

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Email: lois4williams@gmail.com

Crib Quilt

Crib Quilt
43.5 x 37 ins.

Crib Quilt detail

Crib Quilt - detail

Spring Day detail

Spring Day - detail
Applique, cutwork 9 x 11 ins.


Vintage fabrics 12 x 9.5 ins.