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image 2 of digital artwork by McLaw

My Personal Rapunzel
Digitally Enhanced Original

image 3 of digital artwork by McLaw

Final Burst
Digitally Enhanced Original

image 4 of digital artwork by McLaw

Digitally Enhanced Original

image 5 of digital artwork by McLaw

Ornamentary, My Dear
Digitally Enhanced Original

image 1 of digital artwork by McLaw

Digitally Enhanced Original

image 6 of digital artwork by McLaw

Digitally Enhanced Original

Artist's Statement

I originally trained as a graphic designer in London before morphing into a photographer, and later a painter, printmaker and occasional sculptor. As a photographer I worked in advertising, fashion, the music industry, and for national newspapers. As an ‘artist’ I have always worked exclusively for myself, preferring to see how far I can go with various kinds of imagery to actually showing the work to people. (The perfect way to remain in obscurity, in case you wonder.)

Although my primary focus has generally been interpretations of the human form (often quite bizarre interpretations), I spent most of 2016 exploring abstraction. I made something in excess of fifty abstracts on canvas and wood before realising, to my surprise, that I was attempting to fuse painting, photography and sculpture in a series of single images. This evolved into my current preoccupation: the digital reworking of a number of my own paintings, drawings and photographs, some results of which are about as abstract as any figurative image can be.

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