John McLennan

Art Photographer

Having always wandered thorough life looking at the beautiful, the weird and the wonderful sights around me, I decided to start recording them. The medium I chose was photography. At first I used mainly black & white film and developed all my own work. Although now I mainly use a digital camera for convenience, my true love is black & white film.

Most of my images at present are landscapes, seascapes and closer views of the same. This is not surprising as I live in Norfolk with beautiful scenery and endless skies. I see nature and man creating art all around me, and all we have to do is notice it, and in my case record it for others to appreciate.

The few examples here are just to give you some idea of what I am about. If you wish to contact me to comment or see more of my work, please see below.

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Image 1

Nature The Impressionist

Image 2

Early Morning Mist, Towards Massingham Station

Image 3

"And What Would You Call This?"

Image 4

Holy Island, A Mystical Place

Image 5

Gaudi Interior, Yes It's A Real Staircase