West Norfolk Artists Association

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The WNAA newsletter - Update

The monthly newsletter is one of the most important features of the Association, providing as it does the means for members to keep in touch, not only with events within the WNAA but also in the wider art world. To this end the newsletter has undergone a constant process of improvement and refinement over the years.

The original Association newsletter was called "The West Norfolk Artist" and was written and produced by the then WNAA Secretary Michael Bell. After a number of issues Michael found the task of producing such a comprehensive publication too time consuming, so the production was handed over to others, notably Linda Roast and later Sally Hale. At this time, the newsletter was reduced to a more modest size and renamed "Update", a title still used today.

For the first few years Update was a very simple, text based newsletter. However, In August 2010 WNAA member David Bryn offered to re-design the layout into a modern three column publication in full colour with, for the first time, images accompanying the text. Sadly David passed away in January 2014, so Update was reborn again, with Glyn Rand taking over the publishing duties. In the most recent issues of the newsletter, publishing has been a joint venture between John Walker, WNAA Chairman, and Maggie Batch at Dolphin Graphics, Dersingham.

Most WNAA members receive the newsletter electronically as a PDF which is emailed out each month. For those who do not use the internet, a black and white printed version is mailed out by post.