Andrew Williams

Stone Carver & Letter Cutter

I live in west Norfolk and do work both for sale through galleries and by commission.

Stone Carving
I have carved in wood as a hobby most of my life and converted to stone four years ago. I am self taught in both mediums. In most of my carving I use Portland or Ancaster stone but also use marble for some subjects.
I carve both in the round and in relief and have no “speciality” subject area, preferring to diversify both in subject matter and style.

Letter Cutting
I have had tuition in letter drawing, layout and cutting from well known letter cutters, Tom Perkins, and James Salisbury. The latter at the London City and Guilds College of Art.
I have worked in various types of stone, including Welsh slate, Cumbrian green slate, various limestones and York stone.

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Telephone: 01485 601222

Stonecarving of otter

Otter with Eel

Bust of horse

Bust of horse

Great Oaks

Great Oaks
Welsh slate

Marble Shell


Medieval Lettercutting

Letter cutting