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Anita O'Neill

Textile Artist

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Artist's Statement

Sewing has always been a part of my life. My mother was a taylor working for the armed forces and in the private industry. If she was not altering somebody's clothes she was making wedding dresses and home furnishings. I never enjoyed the structural work but always helped with the embellishing where I was permitted.

At the grand old age of 16 I was given my first sewing machine. A very old Singer which I used until I was 24 and then replaced it will a Janome. Now I predominately use a Pfaff but also have a lovely old Bernina to use too.

My sewing career started with a lovely lady called Christine Davey who taught me may techniques through the WI and her own sewing groups and eventually into City and Guilds. I moved to Kent after the first year of City and Guilds and finished it with a fantastically colourful lady called Ruth Issett. It was Ruth,  in her own way, gave me licence to use many colours, that up to this point I would not have thought of using before.

I am always keeping myself up to date with processes and new products to use such as Powertex and have become a certified Powertex tutor.

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