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Michele Summers


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Acrylic & Resin

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Deep Down
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Acrylic & Resin

Artist's Statement

As a local artist I take inspiration from the Norfolk countryside, coast and waterways. Imagining what lies beneath the surface, increasingly my work reflects that hidden world. The power of nature also stimulates my creativity. I aim for my work to express energy and light.

My natural curiosity combined with a low boredom threshold takes me down new paths just to see where they lead. Sometimes I then double back to combine something new with a tried and tested technique.

Using complex layers and mixed media I like to build on experience and experiment with new methods.

My use of resin has followed on from my treatment of acrylics with various media. It is the most infuriating sticky stuff to work with and needs a degree of technical precision but at the same time can flow magically and brings a three dimensional aspect to the pieces. Combining it with the acrylic under painting allows me to express energy and movement while the resin adds depth and that edge of unpredictability.

I have been selling my work for a few years now –it’s always a great feeling when someone else tunes into work that I have created.

The furthest any piece has travelled, to my knowledge, is Argentina. I’ve had my work voted for by the public as the most popular piece in a show and won the Syd Davison prize for Best in Show with one of my first resin pieces “Wave Form” in the WNAA summer exhibition.

I don't have a lot of pieces available at any one time but am always shaping the next evolution of my work.


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