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Neil William



Sealpoint Rag Doll Kitten

Artist's Statement

I have always had an intense passion for the natural world, and the flora and fauna within it.

From an early age I have leaned towards anything creative, art in particular. Drawing detailed pictures of birds predominantly in graphite up to the age of about 21 then stopping almost completely for many years until the age of 43 (2018) when the itch to do more art became too much. I set myself two goals: I must use colour, and draw Mammals! (I used to fight shy of drawing them...)

I chose to draw my own dog in coloured pencil and if I thought the finished piece looked like my own dog, then maybe I would show it to others... Well I did, and did. That was a massive leap of faith for me!

From this point it has led me on a continual journey of discovery, accepting commissions from many people for drawings of their animals as well as much more wildlife and even a portrait of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, something I never dreamed of ever trying. I now use Pastel and Acrylic for most of my work.

Along with commissions, I also sell wildlife prints and cards in a number of local outlets.

I never stop challenging myself with fresh ideas and have recently begun in Acrylics with a few Landscapes.

I have vowed never to stop drawing or painting.

If you'd like to commission me then please get in touch.

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Tel: 07910 909151

Email: neilwilliam.art@gmail.com

Facebook: NeilWilliamArtist

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