Visit to Time Horizon at Houghton Hall

Time to see why this installation is already drawing record numbers of visitors.
We drove through the gates of Houghton Hall and joined a long line of cars very slowly making their way to the car park -proof this is a popular exhibition.
Luckily for us we had a picnic with us and there was plenty of time to munch our sandwiches as we edged along.
We started to spot naked iron men among the trees and in the fields all staring into the distance. Some on pillars, some on the ground and some immersed into the ground.
Having eventually parked the car we set off to “see the exhibition” which raised an interesting dilemma. We were surrounded by it.
We had already “seen” several figures and while there is a map available of the location of all the figures the point is not to see them as individuals.
So what had we come to see or experience?

Art Adventures In Cornwall

I spent 10 days in Cornwall this Spring, with half of this time working intensively alongside other artists on a ‘retreat’ at the St Ives School of Painting. The studios are right next to Porthmeor Beach, so a lovely place to go to work!


Helga Joergens

Interview with Cultural Dose

Prepare to delve into the mesmerizing realm of Helga Joergens’ artistic journey as she shares her inspirations and creative process in an interview with Cultural Dose as she features on our Spring 24 cover. From the enchanting allure of Salvador Dalí’s surreal landscapes to the profound impact of her academic studies, Joergens offers a captivating glimpse into the genesis of her extraordinary artistry. Join us as we unravel the mysteries of her imagination, where every stroke of the brush beckons us into a world where reality and dreams converge with breathtaking beauty.

Alone Again, I

Michelle Louise Carter

Open 10.30am-4.30pm
Saturday 30 March to Sunday 7 April
at West Acre Gallery

‘Visitors will no doubt be interrogated to varied degrees’
The spring sun is shining on Abbey Farm as we wake from our winter slumber to launch ‘Alone Again, I’ – West Acre Gallery’s first exhibition of 2024.

The Babel Project

Babel segment

The Babel Project, is an international print exhibition currently in The Gallery Ratamo, Finland. Ratamo Gallery is a printing and photography hub in the town of Jyvaskyla, three hours train journey north from Helsinki.

Forty print studios from nineteen countries were allocated sections of Peter Breughel’s painting ‘The Great Tower of Babel’ to interpret. A total of 335 printmakers were involved.