Save our Studio and Transform the Old Dairy in Heacham into an Art and Community Hub

Esther Boehm opened Studio @ 55 on the High Street, Heacham in October 2017. In these 6+ years we have watched it grow into a vibrant community art hub.

Sadly, Esther has been told that she will need to Vacate the Premises. We don’t want to see her go!

We love coming here and hope to get the support of people in Heacham and around to keep Studio @ 55 going.

Esther’s work is a definite asset to the community. Not only is she a gifted artist of which Heacham should be proud — but through her courses she helps members of the community come together. We learn techniques, skills and develop our creativity. With her pottery, sculpture and printmaking classes Studio @ 55 has become a place where we come, we learn and are inspired. Also, seeing what others have done has given us the courage to try new things. Things we never dreamt of before.

Let me just share with you a snapshot of how we all feel about Esther and Studio @ 55:

“Wow what a wonderful creative space. The time just flies. Esther brings out the hidden artist within, … so relaxing and therapeutic. A form of creative meditation. A real asset to our village……” GW

“I have been going to classes at Studio @ 55 for a while now. I started with making small things, … Esther is a patient and encouraging teacher. Part of the enjoyment of the class is absorbing the knowledge from a real artist. We all enjoy the chat and the social aspect of getting together. I am currently working on a larger piece and feel thrilled at my progress. I feel that Esther has inspired me to aim higher.” SH

And picking up from what SH said, the social side is as important. Studio @ 55 gives us a sense of community. We have made friends here.

“My experience has been so so amazing! I look forward to every Tuesday as it gives me time to escape everyday things and just focus on creating the most wonderful things with the most amazing, friendliest people! Esther has the most beautiful energy and I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else!” US

And now I want you to hear what Esther says:

“I have been at my studio in High Street, Heacham for almost seven years now. This space has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to develop my work and classes, fostering not only creativity but also community. The people who come here have found a place where they can meet, exchange ideas, and let their creative side flourish. It’s been amazing to see the work develop.”

So — although Esther’s hand has been forced the time has now come for Change. A new Studio @ 55 needs to be found.

But fear not — we have a solution!

Our vision is to turn the Old Dairy site into an art hub and community space. Leaving the footprint the same.

We see the barn turned into Esther’s studio and 3-D classrooms.

We envisage the Dairy building becoming a venue for local artists to sell their work — a place for the community and those who visit. Ideally, we’d love to open an Art Café.

We will have a painting and printmaking room that could also be used for meetings and by local groups.

Who knows we may even find a space for the Heacham archive. (Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We love Heacham.)

We see the Old Dairy coming alive as a meeting place for events – a springboard for cultural community projects, and ? … Over to you. Why not be part of our planned independent committee and have a say?

We realise this is an enormous ask but we hope that the people of Heacham and the surrounding areas will help us find a way to make our vision become a reality— we want to save Studio @ 55 and — we want to save the Old Dairy for the community.

Please show your support for this project by signing our petition and by following us on Facebook.

If there is anyone in our local community with skills professional or otherwise that would enable us to move our project forward, please get in touch at It would be greatly appreciated.

SJ Featherstone, Mo Laughton, Ann Mccullagh on behalf of the Studio @ 55 community.