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How I paint

“Autumn along the River” (acrylic painting)

“Autumn along the River” (acrylic painting)

For over forty years my interest in painting has continued to flourish and I have continued to experiment with various techniques and mediums. I also studied Art and Photography to advanced levels through college courses and developed skills in various media and subject matter through the wonderful classes taught by Helena Anderson from whom I learned so much, over a period of five years or more, as did many other student artists, many of whom are still painting today.

Artworks @ The Town Hall

Artist Angela Banner with one of her works in the new gallery at Hunstanton – Credit: Chris Bishop

A new art gallery has brought a blaze of colour to a seaside town hall.

Jackie Kitch has opened her third gallery in Hunstanton in the carrstone civic building on The Green.
The ground floor, which previously held the resort’s tourist information centre, is now filled with paintings, photographs, art works and crafts.

“I love Hue” App review

Sometimes we all need a mindless distraction. However, downloading this app onto my phone made me think. In fact it sent me down a rabbit hole of colour definition and what is “hue”.

The app’s premise is very simple. You start off with some coloured squares which are arranged in terms of gradient of colour and hue, you press start, it jumbles them up and you must restore harmony.

Van Gogh Alive

On Monday 20th September, I should have been going to London for the re-opening of my Mother’s old Dancing School in south east London, which had been bought and restored by some of the Stars from Strictly. Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to covid restrictions, so instead of getting a refund on my train ticket, I decided to go to Kensington Gardens and take a look at the Van Gogh Alive exhibition.

Cley 21

a colour of air by Martin Battye

a colour of air by Martin Battye

The Cley Exhibition this year had been delayed due to the Covid Crisis – this enabled some artists to explore their ideas and creativity in a much more extreme imaginative way. Most notable were Martin Battye with his massive abstract paintings and Esther Boehm with ‘Ether’ an installation of great magnitude and sensitivity to the space, i.e. St Margarets at Cley.

Esther Boehm’s Ether

‘Nowhere’. Cley 2021

Esther Boehm’s ‘Ether’ is a stunning work. Immediately visible on entering the church of St Margaret of Antioch at Cley, its repeated forms are both separate and work as a composite whole. White, suspended in the air above the baptismal font and above the tombstone of Francis Neale Gent (1711); in front of the magnificent west window, catching every nuance of light on and through the fluctuating sheen texture of each form. This maximises both visibility and the symbolic purity of white. Sometimes it even reflects the stone structure of the cinquefoil and arch of the window behind.

Movement and Nature

The Sound of Silence

The Sound of Silence

I love nature. We really are blessed with the abundance of flora and fauna we have around us here in Norfolk. From the deer roaming the parklands at Holkham, to the humble but beautiful house sparrows comically arguing on your bird feeders. I am lucky in that my house faces out towards an open field, and at the time of writing, there are many hares playing and boxing out there – they are so much fun to watch.