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Alone Again, I

Michelle Louise Carter

Open 10.30am-4.30pm
Saturday 30 March to Sunday 7 April
at West Acre Gallery

‘Visitors will no doubt be interrogated to varied degrees’
The spring sun is shining on Abbey Farm as we wake from our winter slumber to launch ‘Alone Again, I’ – West Acre Gallery’s first exhibition of 2024.

The Babel Project

Babel segment

The Babel Project, is an international print exhibition currently in The Gallery Ratamo, Finland. Ratamo Gallery is a printing and photography hub in the town of Jyvaskyla, three hours train journey north from Helsinki.

Forty print studios from nineteen countries were allocated sections of Peter Breughel’s painting ‘The Great Tower of Babel’ to interpret. A total of 335 printmakers were involved.

The Five Painters’ Exhibition

Kit Price Moss ‘Guillemots: In the swim’

Thornham Village Hall

Sat Oct 7th To Sun Oct 8th
10 -5

Local artists Jill Ilett, Kit Price Moss, Stephen Martyn , Julie Witt and Chandra Ward will be exhibiting their work on the weekend of Sat Oct 7th and Sun October 8th at ‘ The Five Painters’ Art Exhibition in Thornham Village Hall on our beautiful Norfolk coast.