A Solo Exhibition by Deborah Sedgwick

1st -14th April
Open daily 10-4pm
The Custom House, Purfleet Quay, King’s Lynn, PE30 1HP

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Despite having shown work in a variety of exhibitions and gallery spaces, ‘The Wash’ will be my first solo show.
It is also a bit of a resurgence for me, having had many years at the mercy of chronic pain and M.E. I was also bringing up my daughter – the only solo show I could manage!
Most of my resources went into maintaining the home and domestic chores. Unable to paint, I attempted to see this as my creative practise, much like the manifesto of Mierle Laderman Ukeles and her invention of the phrase ‘Maintenance Art’:
‘Maintenance, for Ukeles, includes the household activities that keep things going, such as cooking, cleaning and child-rearing’*

Over the years I was photographing laundry and dirty dishes and making videos about these mundane tasks in the kitchen. As time passed and my health improved I was able to paint again – so some of these photos have become immortalised with my somewhat photorealist technique.

‘The Wash’ will be an installation of these paintings along with some textiles and unique laundry props.
Let’s hope the sun shines out in April so we can get our laundry dry outside in the elements and enjoy a pleasant trip to the Custom House! I look forward to meeting some of you there.