Purfleet Brasserie Exhibition

Headway by Susan Wiggans

19 Purfleet Street 
King’s Lynn 
PE30 1ER  

New Exhibition 3rd December2023 –
4 February 2024.

Featured artists. Artists Susan Wiggans, Ann Froshaug, Amanda Coates.

Susan Wiggans
Susan retired in 2022 from a long career as a General Manager for a Health & Social Care charity.  Having always enjoyed drawing she took up painting after attending a workshop in Cornwall during 202.

Retiring at the end of 2022 gave her more time to paint.  Susan mainly paints using oil and cold wax but also enjoys using other mediums

Ann Froshaug

Summer peonies by Ann Froshaug

I have drawn and painted since I was young .
I have attended all sorts of classes at different times. Life classes and painting and latterly ceramics. I decided to take a Fine Art Degree in my late 40’s and this extended my experience in all manner of techniques- including printing and ceramics.

Doing a Fine Art degree provides time to find out a lot more about art history and the changing approach to ‘making art’ -broadly the shift from representation to abstraction.

Time spent at art school allows a focus on themes and gives time to develop one’s approach through projects which evolve with time and thus allowed me to be more adventurous.
In the process of becoming ‘an artist’ I hope I have honed my skills and have moved from the earlier stages of ‘being accurate’ eg in the way some use photographs to guide their depiction of landscapes and still lives. I still believe in the importance of being able to draw but these days my painting has become closer to a post-impressionist or colourist style,.

I have changed through experiment and experience and paint more loosely, although still concerned with creating ‘balance’ structurally and tonally.

I realise my painting reflects my response to what I see and feel but it equally reflects the handling of the materials of art making.

I paint landscapes and still lives using oils and water colour .I also work with clay making ceramic platters, tiles and plaques- where I can further experiment and develop with the help of many different techniques and varied glazes.

Amanda Coates

Sun Rise Sun Set by Amanda Coates

I studied at University Suffolk, Ipswich, Foundation in Art & Design, BA (Hon) Fine Art. My practice covers whatever l feel like that day.

This is a new journey from an old past as I was born in Kings Lynn and left as a

After a lot of soul searching I finally made the decision to return to my home town of King’s Lynn in Norfolk. After losing both my parents in 2020 l felt very detached from Felixstowe and even though l have some lovely friends l
felt alone. Abstract painting is the best way for me to project my feelings. The studio is my happy place.

Sun Moon Stars by Amanda Coates

Amanda Coates