Painting and drawing out in Kings Lynn

Drawing by Peter Brown

A group of members met up on a lovely sunny day on 8th June to do some painting and drawing ‘en plein air’ around King’s Lynn. We met up at the iconic Custom House and then set off to find a good spot – some of us stayed more or less where we were while others wandered along the river and found interesting views there.
New members Peter Brown and Ben Wood both produced exquisite drawings, quite different in style.

Some of us went straight in with the paint and this one by Stina Burger is instantly recognisable with her lovely use of colour and mark making.

Kathy Cossins tackled a really difficult subject with this view of a fishing boat. Not only was the tide moving at speed and altering the angles as she worked, but the viewpoint, detail and perspective were already challenging. An amazing job!

I love the soft definition and broad brushstrokes in this one by Ann Froshaug and would really like to see how she finishes it off.

My effort at painting the Custom House wasn’t improved when it took off in the wind and two of us grabbed it! At least I didn’t end up with my easel at the bottom of the Fleet.

We all hugely enjoyed the afternoon and met up afterwards for tea and biscuits and to share our experiences. All six of us agreed that we would like to do it again soon and decided that there is so much marvellous subject matter there that we will return to King’s Lynn next time.

Perhaps you would like to join in?
Lesley Williams