Black and White: From the Ethereal to the Concrete


Esther Boehm

Artspace on the Prom
Art Deco Building, Western Promenade, Cromer, NR27 9HE

Thursday 14 September – Monday 25 September 2023
10 am – 4 pm

Ether is an installation consisting of eleven large scale seemingly floating objects which are viewed from below. Made of white tissue paper and acrylic medium they become translucent ‘skins’ reminiscent of alabaster or ice.

At Cromer Art Space these objects will hover above the ground allowing visitors to walk through and around the them. New sculptures made of black ‘Ciment Fondu’ will emerge from the ground to form a dialogue with both Ether and the visitors. Interactive sound will be incorporated to enhance the installation.
Instagram @boehm.esther