Greyfriars Art Space first began in February 2008, when Jill North, with a group of B.A. Fine Art students, based at the College of West Anglia, decided that there was no affordable space in Kings Lynn for emerging young artists to show their work. Jill was able to purchase the property at 43 St James Street, and together with friends transformed it into the attractive small gallery we know today.

Greyfriars Art Space is an artist-led – a not-for-profit association of members which aims to provide professional exhibition opportunities plus affordable studio workshop spaces. A modest membership fee of £20 per annum ( £10 for students ) helps to support the Gallery’s running costs. The day-to-day management is carried out on a voluntary basis by the Committee, co-ordinated by Kathy Cossins, who earlier this year received one of the Mayor’s Voluntary Service Awards.

With the demise of the Arts Centre galleries, the role of Greyfriars as an affordable artist-run exhibiting space is even more crucial now than it first started. GAS has been a supportive artistic community for many exciting artists working in a whole range of media which includes 3D, painting, printmaking, photography and textiles.

It is now almost ten years since Greyfriars began, and throughout this time Jill has very generously allowed the gallery to be used rent-free. However, it has now become necessary for her to sell the property within the next year. Greyfriars are urgently seeking sources of funding to enable the Committee to purchase the property. Members who can, have been asked to pledge £300 towards this, so that GAS can continue to develop its role in the artistic life of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk. Anyone able to help in this way, or with any fundraising ideas please contact Greyfriars Art Space at 43 St James St, King’s Lynn PE30 5BZ, via the website at, email or phone 0751 714 7444.

Anne Roberts