Musings of an Amateur Artist

Debbie 60th birthday Oil on board.

Debbie 60th birthday Oil on board.

I paint because I enjoy it – not because I’m good at it.

This title was paraphrased from a T-shirt I saw about playing a guitar, which I also happen to do with a fairly amateur level of competence. So, I thought the sentiment was particularly relevant to me and my painting.

As a self-taught, (except for a few short weekend courses) amateur painter who has only been painting for a few years, I am aware of my limitation and ability and that much of my work is below “artist” standard. However, despite this, the most important thing for me is that painting gives me enormous pleasure. That doesn’t mean that I am content with the level that I am at. I still wish to improve and develop from a “hobbyist” to an artist.

I am convinced that being a member of WNAA has improved my art and will continue to do so. Meeting and talking to other order valium online members about their art and seeing members art at the “live” exhibitions but also, to a lesser extent, the on-line exhibitions and challenges, is a great inspiration.

Like most members, I suspect, I greatly miss the live exhibitions. However, the on-line challenges have been helpful to me. They have given me a nudge in different directions from my usual style. I regret having not taken part in the self-portrait challenge, lacking confidence as I had never painted any portrait. I have since completed my first and really enjoyed doing it.

I enjoy being on the WNAA committee, doing what I can to help the rest of the committee do what we can for the benefit of all WNAA members and I hope to continue to do this.

I look forward to when we can all get together to chat and see each other’s art. In the meantime, stay safe everyone.

Chris Peel