Raveningham Sculpture Trail

Retweet by Helen Breach

Retweet by Helen Breach

NB you need to book online. https://raveninghamsculpturetrail.com

Helen Breach is exhibiting her sculpture ‘Retweet’ among the installations to be found along the trail.

This is the official description of ‘Retweet’;  

Unique vertebrate characterised by a metal skeleton, disconnected legs, bright plumage, single eyeball and dried-leaf tail.   Enjoys ceramic worms, excretes plaster poo. Flightless but displays circular movements.  Has a heart of feathers…to remind us that https://orderklonopin2mg.com many birds face extinction.
Retweet is a combination of assorted recycled materials found in my studio, from fabric remnants to hosepipes and acrylic sheet offcuts.  ‘Re’ for recycling and for re-tweeting that if we don’t look after our birdlife, too many of our feathered friends will be lost forever – all we’ll have left are strange conglomerations resembling a bird, with feathers stuck in a box and recorded bird songs.