Naked in Norfolk – A new gallery in Hunstanton

Affordable Art, Crafts, Photography and Quirky Goods.

‘Due to the insecure times that local businesses are having with Covid restrictions, I have decided not to renew the lease on my shop which is due to expire on the 31st March.

I have a new website and I am selling online from the new ‘NakedNorfolk’ website

When restrictions are lifted I will be seen at pop up markets, craft fairs and possibly at a fixed location. I will also be advertising with the Town and Around free, local newspaper so if you are interested in promoting your work then please email me at

Also as from the 1st April, my commission fee will reduce to 20% for all WNAA members. Be safe and stay safe, Jacqueline’.

Naked in Norfolk opened its doors on the 1st October 2020. It quickly locked them again on the 4th November due to the Covid 19 lockdown!

A small gallery and shop which promotes the work of some of Norfolk’s Artists, Photographers and Crafts People, it is the idea of local budding artist and photographer, WNAA member, Jacqueline Kitch.
It has been described as ‘a right little treasure trove of Norfolk talent’ by one customer!

The name derived from ‘Norfolk with the naked eye’ and it should not be mistaken for other local ‘hobbies’ in Norfolk. Be aware when you Google it!

Jacqueline realised that there was a potential for an ‘affordable’ art gallery / shop in the town of Hunstanton. There just happened to be a shop for rent at a decent price, so Jacqueline jumped at the chance and paid the rent for 6 months as a trial run.
The price range was originally from £1 to £100.00 but a new price range from £100 to £250 will be available in December.
Although located just off the High Street, Jacqueline has sold 44 pieces of work in the first month of opening.
‘It has been a great first month and the response from customers and locals has been amazing. I have had so much great feedback and people pop in for a chat and tell me that this is just what Hunstanton has needed for a long time. I love being able to talk about the art and the artist to the customer and I love the response that I get when I tell an artist that I have sold an item of their hard work.

I have a Facebook page and an online website which is just a browser at the moment, but I am looking into setting this up so that customers can purchase online.

I have sold many pieces of work from some of the artists in the WNAA.

Naked reopens on 3rd December with even more artists, photographers and crafts people on board. Due to the lack of wall space Jacqueline will also have an electronic visual display showing other pieces of art that are not on show.

68 Westgate, Hunstanton, Norfolk, PE36 5EL
Opening times are:
Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm
Sunday 10am to 4pm
Telephone: 07793461156