My Studio!

During these difficult times I don’t think it is exaggerating to describe my studio as a life saver. I am able to walk to it every day, if I want to, and I take a flask of coffee and biscuit, and it brings me great joy and happiness to be able to create various pieces of artwork and keep myself busy.

There is no doubt that we will look back at the way we lived through this pandemic and wonder how we did it. For me, it has been having access to my own little space to do what I want, when I want.


Sandringham Church in van Gogh style

The added bonus of being a member of the WNAA has been the Challenges issued by our Committee. These have often set us off on a path which is out of our comfort zone; self-portraits being one, and Norfolk in the style of the French Impressionists another.

I have also found that to have the opportunity to prepare pictures for our Exhibitions online has been a challenge in itself. It’s buy phentermine usa obviously nothing like as exciting as being together in St. Nicholas Chapel, or Thornham Village Hall, hanging all the pictures, and placing the 3D Artwork on the plinths, etc. but at least it gave us a challenge and kept us busy.

I thought that the presentation of these online exhibitions was brilliant, and I thank Chandra and Steve and the committee for all their efforts on our behalf.

I was very pleased to be invited to join a local group down here in Snettisham, called Art 21 and, as we couldn’t have our weekly get togethers, they also issued us with challenges, which were both inspiring and difficult at the same time.

Self portrait

Self portrait

I was delighted to receive my first dose of the vaccine yesterday, and it was a very exciting experience. It is the first step along the road to recovery, in my view, and I just can’t wait to see my family and friends again and have the thing I have missed most- HUGS!

Helena Anderson