Barbara King Exhibition

Me working on one of the paintings NORFOLK HEDGEROWS

Paintings of Wild Flowers by Barbara King at the Creake Abbey Café
14th April to 12th September 2021
At last! One year late almost to the day, my exhibition climbed onto the walls at the Creake Abbey Café, North Creake. ( had spent the preceding months planning a layout which would create a bright, colourful and uplifting display, and working on the paintings some of which had to be large enough to take on that enormous south wall where they are hung way up high.

The Big Wall (I did not have to go up the ladder myself!)

My theme is Norfolk hedgerows and is inspired by flowers and grasses found in the roadside verges, meadows and wasteland around my home. These paintings in acrylic on paper and canvas are gestural and textural, produced almost exclusively with the aid of palette knives and other mark making objects. They are the result of time spent studying, photographing and sketching the changing forms and colours of these plants, their simple and complex designs, their interaction with rain, sun and wind. Wild and native, thriving on uncultivated land, these humble plants have been ascribed gloriously descriptive names such as Hawksbeard, Meadow Cranesbill, Rosebay Willowherb, Bird’s Foot Trefoil amongst others which make for rather long painting titles.

These are the 60×60 ‘close up’ deep edge canvases plus my ‘Friesian sisters on their way to the Dairy’

The Other walls:


I also included three of my Shadow Pattern paintings:

The paintings can be seen during Café opening hours which are 9am to 4pm Wednesday to Sunday (5pm during the summer holidays). Covid restrictions require café goers to order at the till then take their food outside. From May 17th, all being well, inside dining will be possible.

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