Breach Helen

West Acre Gallery, Abbey Farm, River Road, West Acre PE32 1UA

19 – 25 May 2021
11:00 – 4:00

Artist in Residence. An improvisatory experience. There will be no crib sheets or explanations. This will be a time for raw unmediated artworks to develop from bare walls.

The residency starts on Wednesday 19 May when Helen will be joined for an inspirational start by ‘cusp’ colleagues for a combined spontaneous creation from, as yet, unknown materials.

Cusp artists Helen Breach, Lydia Haines, Esther Boehm and Alison Dunhill are coming together for the first time since before covid to re-establish dynamics for their next cusp exhibition–collaborative work where we feed from and into each others’ ideas and perceptions.

For the rest of the week, Helen will be post lockdown-let-loose. Possibly not a neat week, there may be a mess but there will be an intense focus both physically and emotionally.

It may seem absurd; it does seem daunting, but alone in an empty space for a week is a rare freedom. A serious time for play, a significant ‘out of my comfort zone’. A wholehearted time to do old favourites in a new way, life-size life-drawing, huge ink drawings, mingling prints with a mangle. And a day of drawing nursery rhymes for children.