Visiting Grayson Perry: The Pre – Therapy Years

Helen and I ventured out for the first time for months, having had all our jabs and now feel we can move around again with relative safety.

Grayson Perry: The Pre – Therapy Years exhibition is coming to an end at the Sainsbury Centre so we booked tickets for Sunday afternoon.

Always entertaining, Grayson didn’t disappoint.

I guess he is Marmite to many, and we were able to get a good idea of how he has been able to become an established artist showing us his fantasies inscribed on his ceramic pots and plates as an art student from 1982 and 1994.

If you watch Throw Down on Channel 4 you will get some clue to the pottery skills. 
Philippa Perry is depicted largely on the artwork and from his beautiful sketchbooks you can visualise how these ideas are modelled on the pottery.

I have included some photos of the artwork on display and spared you the rawer elements which have been smoothed out by therapy!

You can’t help admiring his artistic career from crossdresser, Turner prize winner to TV presenter, CBE, RA.   

John Walker