Three Member Artists Exhibiting in King’s Lynn

Norfolk Landscape by Kerry Long

Three WNAA member artists are exhibiting at Purfleet Brasserie, just off King Street, 50 yards from the Customs House in King’s Lynn from 26th March to 7th May. Kerry Long and Michelle Louise Carter both from Heacham, are exhibiting alongside Snettisham based artist Helena Anderson. It’s an exciting opportunity that is curated by the West Norfolk Artists Association.

Kerry largely paints landscapes, and has a wide range of recurrent themes running through her work. Michelle Louise is a sea and landscape oil painter who has recently been experimenting with hand-made charcoal. Helena is mainly known for her portraits, specialising in horses and dogs, but on this occasion she is exhibiting a range of colourful silk paintings.

Helena Anderson
, Painter of PETS, PEOPLE and PLACES!

Helena has lived and worked in Norfolk for many years and now has a studio in Snettisham. She accepts commissions of all sorts, but especially enjoys animal portraits. She has taught herself conservation work and loves to clean and renovate old oil paintings, which have often been consigned to sheds and attics. In this exhibition Helena is showcasing her paintings on silk, which shows her art in a completely different light. You can see more on her website.
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Michelle Carter
, Artist based on the coast in West Norfolk

Michelle paints from memory and combines realism with imagination to produce dynamic paintings. Her vision is affected by progressive Multiple Sclerosis, thus often her paintings reflect her world of dimmed colour. The artwork shown here is part of a current collaboration project with Kerry Long, known as ‘Beauty We Fail to See’ and reflects the interest they both have in damaged or dying nature and landscapes often viewed as ugly. Michelle has used hand-made charcoal and pigments from xanax foraged rocks and plants to make most of the works.
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Kerry Long, also based on the West Norfolk coast

Having made art in various forms for many years now, Kerry finds there are a range of themes and subjects she keeps returning to and reimagining, running like threads through much of her work. She is influenced and inspired by much that she sees around her both locally and further afield and is enjoying the collaboration with Michelle, where she is finding new perspectives for themes old and new.
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