Painting to your favourite Music

"The Party's Over" (what happened next?!)

“The Party’s Over” (what happened next?!)

What have I done?! 
Setting a challenge to produce a piece of artwork so depicting how you feel about your favourite piece of music.

Well, it was a challenge for me, as I dare say for many of you.

I have named my paintings with a musical title and found one that I had done some years ago of a pair of shoes lying on a discarded evening dress with my favourite silver bracelet so I called it “The Party’s Over” (what happened next?!)

"Port de Soller"

“Port de Soller”

Then discovering a picture that I had painted in situ in my favourite holiday destination “Port de Soller” with a couple gazing out to sea on a sunny morning.

I titled this one “On days like these” by Matt Monro or it could have been Neil Diamond’s “Love on the Rocks”.

After being undecided these last six weeks, I decided to actually listen to some music. So, whilst playing a DVD of Einaudi’s haunting piano music especially, L’Onde, I found a piece of gessoed MDF & grabbed my acrylic inks and I poured, painted, stippled, glazed areas letting the ink take me into the music.

The whole process only took a couple of hours and when I had finished it felt like the end of lockdown.   
Maybe it’s a new me!

Hope all the members have enjoyed the challenge.

Jill Ilett