Cley 21

a colour of air by Martin Battye

a colour of air by Martin Battye

The Cley Exhibition this year had been delayed due to the Covid Crisis – this enabled some artists to explore their ideas and creativity in a much more extreme imaginative way. Most notable were Martin Battye with his massive abstract paintings and Esther Boehm with ‘Ether’ an installation of great magnitude and sensitivity to the space, i.e. St Margarets at Cley.

The church in itself is stunning and the art must compete with this very beautiful ancient setting. Outside there were small installation pieces and on the outside wall of the church four massive wall-hangings suspended beautifully by Margie Britz all about the coast and beaches and stones and pebbles – very exciting.

At the Visitor Centre there were stunning charcoal framed pieces of moonlight and daytime and much more.

Detail of Ether by Esther Boehm

Stone to Stone by Margie Britz


Lydia Haines

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